We are an agency for international talents. Nest Model Management was founded in 2011 and is happily based in Berlin working with clients all over the globe. We represent an intimate collective of true originals. We only work with people whom we truly believe in and whom we want to see grow, flourish and basically conquer the world and people’s hearts. We know that creating images is a serious business and we strive to find the best solutions for our editorial and commercial clients. More than ever beauty is an ideal that can be debated, deconstructed and redefined. Luckily there are no dogmas or standards any more. This diversity is reflected in the range of talents we work with. Yet we are unapologetically superficial and care for muscles, skin, sweat, teeth, hands, hips, shoulders. And maybe cheekbones. We care as much for the wellbeing of our talents, treating them as partners and listening to their worldviews, troubles and jokes. We called our agency Nest because we want it to be a home for creativity, beauty and joy of life. And we work hard and humbly hope that we fulfil this promise.